It is summer and I have been spending a lot of time working on myself.  Many people have years that run from January 1st to December 31st.  As a teacher my year runs from September 1st to September 1st.  Furthermore, I am not a big believer in waiting for what the research calls temporal landmarks to get started, but I am a big believer in commitment devices (but that is another topic).  This summer I have been working on myself a lot and Steven Covey in his book The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Parents has a name for this, “Sharpening Your Saw.”  There are quotes attributed to Abraham Lincoln suggesting that if he had time to chop down a tree he would spend most of the time sharpening his axe.  I am not good at sharpening my ax.

I give my all in my work often at the expense of my own health.  Megan posted about how Zumba saved her life and this summer I have started running.  Now I should say, I hate running, but I want to be in better health so that I can be around for my children and grandchildren.  Furthermore, exercise is one of the keystone habits that I haven’t done regularly.

Since I have started running, reading, and doing other things to sharpen my saw this summer I have been happy and productive.  Like many teachers during summer I am taking classes and they are going pretty well.  I am spending a lot of meaningful time with my children, and not just keeping them from fighting!  My spouse and I are spending time together and communicating more.  Overall, I am having a great summer.

I am looking to participate in some 5K races, including virtual races to celebrate the solar eclipse and 101 years of our National Parks.  I am trying to reach out to people work on relationships that are important to me.  I am sharpening my saw so that I can be effective at the things I need to do personally and professionally.  How are you sharpening your saw?

Sharpen Your Saw

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